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Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force


Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force

GCEITF Marines build camaraderie during three-mile cadence run

By | | October 17, 2014


“C-130 rollin' down the strip, task force Marines gonna take a little trip! Mission
top-secret, destination unknown! Don't even know when we're comin' home! Stand
up, buckle up, shuffle to the door, jump right out and shout Marine Corps!”

More than 400 Marines and sailors with the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force yelled motivation as they sported boots and utilities during a three-mile cadence run, Oct. 17, 2014.

Leaders within the companies shouted cadence as Col. Matthew G. St. Clair, commanding officer, GCEITF, and Sgt. Maj. Robin Fortner, sergeant major, GCEITF, led the task force from start to end.

            At the conclusion of the run, the unit conducted cool-down stretches and exercises, and welcomed their newly joined Marines and sailors, building an indomitable fighting spirit that will keep the task force running strong throughout their training evolution.

            From October 2014 to July 2015, the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force will conduct individual and collective skills training in designated combat arms occupational specialties in order to facilitate the standards based assessment of the physical performance of Marines in a simulated operating environment performing specific ground combat arms tasks.